Clifton, computers and church.

As I sidle into the Musa chat room I cannot believe I’ve been absent without leave, so to speak, since last year when my computer crashed spectacularly taking my pearls of wisdom with it.

Unfortunately, not only was I in a foreign country at the time,but I had also forgotten  to take my memory stick on which I’d thoughtfully backed up all my writing, and with the third book in my Clifton Chronicles series A Chance Encounter due to be released on 20th April, I was well and truly in the proverial … until after Christmas whenI could go forth and purchase a new machine. Actually, in anticipation of such a disaster I had transferred some work to igoogle, but found it impossible to work with.

However, thanks to my new and lovely Sony Vaio I’m back on track, and having sent the first draft of A Chance Encounter to, Tamara, my editor at Musa, I have time on my hands to Blog until I hear from her.

And with that time, I would like to say how much in awe I am of my Musa chums who are posting/blogging on a daily basis. Where do they find the time to write their books, I ask myself? And they obviously do as their sales will bear testiment to! I bow before them and will endeavour to follow their example,  but first I must remove spider solitaire from my computer: it’s such a temptation!

I am loving writing the Clifton Chronicles series, The Clifton I write about is full of gossipy, colourful, sneaky and downright villainous characters. In A Chance Encounter, Heloise reappears, having avoided Madam Guillotine and made her escape from Paris. Her presence in Clifton instigates the arrival of Lavinia, Lady Codrington who I love, she is such a strong character. Yesterday I visited the church of St Mary Redcliffe and as I sat in my pew all I could see were the ghosts of Lady Lavinia, Mrs Carwardine, the Fallows, the Brickdale’s, the Collinson’s and all my other characters, who would have undoubtedly worshipped at what Queen Elizabeth 1st described as ‘the fairest parish church in all the land’ In A Widow’s Gamble, the Collinson’s and Lady Rawlins were seen to attend morning service there, and I plan for this very beautiful church to play a major role in Clifton Chronicles book four.

A Chance Encounter is published by Musa Publishing and will be available on 20th April 2012

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