It could be magic at the Copacabana!

It could be magic at the Copacabana!

Here I am in very sunny Palm Springs waiting for my editor to get back to me with the 2nd edit.

So, while I’m waiting what shall I do? Mmm…? I know what I should do, and that is to get cracking on the fourth novel in my Clifton Chronicles series for the Brickdales, the Collinson’s, Lady Lavinia, and the rest of the cast who are old and new inhabitants of Clifton, are all waiting in the wings, champing at the bit, so to speak, and eager to be called to play their part.

But wait they must for at the moment my mind is focused on tracking down Barry Manilow.

This, dear readers may sound impossible, but as he lives a couple of blocks away from me in Palm Springs …?

So what should I do? Don my posh frock and hang out in cocktail bars? Wander the supermarket aisles humming Mandy loud enough to catch his ear?

What I do do is go to the library practically every day for surely he reads? Apparently not.

Unlike my Passionate Pursuit of Peter Strauss (see former blog) I seem to be getting nowhere.

I could I suppose, don my running shoes and jog up and down in his street, but in this heat (it’s 103f today)? I think not – hot and bothered is not exctly the look I want when I ‘bump into Barry.

And when I do? Could it be Magic? Will he take one look at me and be Ready to Take a Chance Again? (of course he will). Will we stroll  through the Indian Canyons; our hands entwined, and sing with One Voice?  Will we dance beneath a starry desert sky? Will he sing   I Can’t Smile Without You  and will I smile joyfully and think it  Looks Like we Made It? Oo-err! That would be good, wouldn’t it?

MEANWHILE… back in the real world, I have discovered that said songster had a hip replacement at Christmas and will probably not be up to dancing beneath a desert sky for a while. So I think will abandon my search, and chanel my imaginings to the shananigins in Regency Clifton. I plan a Christmas story with at least one duke and one virgin!

Look out for A Chance Encounter the third novel in my Clifton Chronicles series, which is published by Musa and due for release soon.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Alba says:

    i loved reading this article.

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