Clifton is Calling

I have started writing  something which has been long in my mind, since I first heard of the plight of Tutsi women in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994. Ay first I was apalled that so many women became HIV after being raped, and how many children were orphaned if they were ‘lucky’ enough to survive the massacres sweeping through the country. As I began to research that period in Rwandan history I learned how involved certain women in Rwanda were involved in perpretating the atrocities. This will be the premise of my book which, though being factual, will include fictional characters, so making a novel, which I’ve titled,  Cut the Tall Trees.

But I have to say the facts I’ve discovered during my research have  been so horrifying that I’ve had to stop reading more for the moment. Besides, which, Clifton is calling. How fortunate I am that I can leave the horrors of Rwanda for a while, and return again to the inhabitants of Regency Clifton to share in their problems; meeting old friends and finding out what is going on in this gossipy village. In this visit (A Portrait Tells All - volume four of my Clifton Chronicles) the wayward Lynette Gwyther makes her return, and soon finds out she has ‘bitten off more than she can chew’ so to speak when she becomes involved with Jon Carlisle. OH MY!! I will keep you posted on her progress.


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