Marketing? Not in France.

Living in a foreign land – France, no matter how joyous the living might be, has its drawbacks when trying to market novels written in English and set in Clifton, Bristol

So, what can I do? Next month I’m off on my travels, returning to Clifton and these are my options.

1)      This morning I approached Clifton Public Library who are very interested and would like me to do a reading once the books are available in print, as opposed to ebooks.

2)      Waterstones in Bristol will be pleased to promote the novels because of the Clifton theme. They, too, have offered me a reading, but again, this when the books are in print.

3)      Radio Bristol will do a feature/interview – local author, Clifton connection, etc. This I will pursue when number four in my Clifton Chronicles is published.

So there’s a start, and food for thought.


If only the reading public would ‘cotton on’ to ebooks. I LOVE my kindle and because I prefer using it to reading books the ‘normal way’, I am busy de-cluttering, and unloading my rooms full (literally) of books. I’m packing them up to take to England to give to friends/charity shops, and the public library in Clifton (I’d only just thought of libraries, but always buy books donated to raise funds in Palm Springs library – some of my favourite ‘never to be parted from’ books have come from that source, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of that avenue before.

I will still have my, too many to count, research books which will remain, plus favourites I would never part with, nevertheless, I have several hundred to dispose of, so wish me luck.

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