Passionately Pursuing Peter Strauss.




Passionately Pursuing Peter Strauss.


I have a T-shirt. It’s silver-grey, with short sleeves It’s 15 years old and I will never throw away. I mean never throw it away. Why? Because this is the T-shirt I wore on the day I interviewed the actor Peter Strauss.

Peter Strauss is my one great love and has been since he played Rudi Jordache in Rich Man, Poor Man. I’ve been completely faithful (apart from a slight wavering in my affections when Colin Firth strode across the screen in tight breeches. His Mr Darcy  is the template when I write. He is my Regency hero – when I created Lord Brickdale in A Passionate Pursuit, Lord Brickdale WAS  Colin Firth’s Darcy ).


But I digress. Right now we can forget Colin Firth, because it’s  Peter Strauss for me which is why, when I went to Los Angeles to interview the cast of The Bold &The Beautiful, I optimistically decided I would interview him as well.

Firm in the belief that anything is possible if you really want it, I began my pursuit. First contacting his agent, then his publicist – the very wonderful Howard Brandy who sadly, has since died.


I was in Los Angeles for a week, interviewing the B& B (they really are so beautiful in real life) while intermittently phoning Howard Brandy’s office. The calls varied from the regular  answering service ‘Please leave you message…’ to speaking with Howard who told me that Peter was busy filming in Phoenix but he’d try to fit in an interview if there was time. So I waited, and waited, until finally phoning Howard to say I’d be returning to London soon and I really needed to know if this interview was going to take place.

Well!! The next day the phone rang and, YES,  it was HIMSELF, OMG!! “Hello.”

Hello, Gloria?”

“Yes, this is Gloria Burland.”

“This is Peter Strauss. I’m sorry not to have got back to you sooner –“  He  went on talking but I couldn’t tell you what he said. Remember. This is the man I love.

Then he said, “We can either do the interview now, on the phone. Or you can come to the studio tomorrow when I’m filming. Or you could come to my home on Tuesday.

Mmmm … that’s a difficult one – let me think… phone/impersonal studio/ his real life, actual home, the place where he lives, breathes and sleeps. No contest! Blimey!

“Your home will be fine,” I said. He gave me directions and his phone number should I get lost (more Blimey! Was I dreaming?) And that was that.


Home is a wonderful Spanish style house set in the lush vegetation of the Ojai hills where Peter Strauss farms citrus fruit.

He made coffee, talked about his life and loves – Italy and Art  - and then it was time to go.  We shook hands and that was that.

Sadly he did not fall in love with me.

And the T-shirt? I’d like to say he touched it but that would be untrue. All I can say is that  Peter Strauss has gazed upon me wearing that T-shirt and that’s enough for me. I will never throw it away.

And why am I sharing this with you? To let you know that anything is possible if you really, really want it enough. Be it writing your first novel,  or passionately pursuing your idol. Go for it. Dreams really do come true. That’s what I believe and that’s why I write romantic fiction.

My first novel, A Passionate Pursuit (which I think of as a ‘bodice-ripping Regency romp -Jane Austen meets Jackie Collins!) is available now. It’s part of a five book series, The Clifton Chronicles and takes place in Clifton, an actual Regency village in England, where all the series will be set.

My second novel in the series,   A Widow’s Gamble is out in time for Halloween.

Both novels are available from:


Good luck everyone, and remember to follow that dream.


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29 Responses to Passionately Pursuing Peter Strauss.

  1. Kathy Teel says:

    How exciting that you got to meet your idol! Those kinds of experiences make for some of the best stories of our lives…and ditto on Colin Firth. I collect all his movies, mostly bc of P&P.

    I’m looking forward to reading your stories!

    Kathy Teel
    Head Editor
    Aurora Regency

  2. Nya Rayne says:

    Wonderful story!!

  3. Deborah says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on A Passionate Pursuit. Headstrong, independent regency women who challenge the men of their time are my favorite to read about. I look forward to reading this new series.

    As for your anecdote about interviewing Peter Strauss, I think that it just goes to show that tenacity and dedication pays off! I’m glad you got to meet your idol. That t-shirt is priceless because of what it means to you :)

  4. Valerie Mann says:

    I can’t believe you went to his house!I think I’d have that shirt framed under glass behind velvet ropes! LOL Back in the day, before I became a writer of the great American novel (yeah, still waiting), I used to watch Bold & Beautiful. It was so over the top and I vehemently defended the character’s names when my husband would make fun of them. Come on! What’s not to love about earthy names like Storm, Ridge, Meadow, Brooke and I’m sure I forgot the rest.

  5. Crystal Trent Dotson says:

    I look forward to reading ur books !! Ur a true inspiration!!!
    Happy Birthday AMP !!

  6. Thanks for sharing your great story about Peter Strauss, Gloria. As a journalist (my day job) I know how exciting it can be to interview the people we view as legends (and loves). Best of luck with your books.

  7. JeanP says:

    That must have been amazing, to meet Peter Strauss, what a wonderful memory that must be. Great post, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Real interesting. I know the feeling about meeting famous people. They’re unforgettable. Thank you for the tour.

  9. Lucia says:

    Thank you for sharing this great story with us! I must admit I didn’t know who Peter Strauss is… But now I do!

  10. DezF says:

    What a wonderful story!

  11. WendyD says:

    How incredibly awesome that you got to meet your favorite actor! You need to have that shirt bronzed!

    books4me67 at

  12. Darcy says:

    Your book sounds delightful. How awesome to get to live your dream. That is exactly what I’ve taught my children, and especially our daughter and her pursuit of music. She’s now 32, and the dreams that she experienced is all at her own persistence. she won tickets to a concert at 15 that she dearly loved, and her father told her if she won that she had to take her mother. Well, I got drug to that experience. But she didn’t tell me that she also won dinner backstage with the band before the concert, and i had the delight of taking pictures on the sidelines as I wanted her to have the chance to visit with them without being in the way. since then she operates her own website, interviews her music fantasies and photographs her music idols.
    So cool you got your dream!
    Thank you for sharing & I’ve got your books on my tbr…*S*



  13. Hi Gloria,
    Wow you interviewed Peter himself, and the B & B actors…what a feat…Your novels sounds like such fun reads, of course, I’m a romance junkie….Continued blessings.

    Vanessa A Johnson, Red Rose Publishing Author
    Uncommon Bond (2011)
    Sacrifices In the Name of Love (2010)

  14. Jess Dee says:

    That’s a very cool story, Gloria. Very cool indeed.
    Except for one thing:
    The part where you said: FORGET COLIN FIRTH!
    Yes, I thought Peter Strauss was wonderful as Rudi, but hello?
    Forget Colin Firth… ?
    No, no, no. I don’t think so.

  15. Na says:

    Great story! I am guilty of holding on to things too long as well although you have good reason for holding to the t-shirt. I hold fast to my books and sometimes if I really favour them I will have more than one copy, “just in case” one gets lost or ruined lol.

  16. Mara Brandon says:

    I remember Peter Strauss. Definitely a hottie!

    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  17. Fedora says:

    Wow, Gloria! Congratulations on pursuing your dream so passionately and having such a fabulous encouragement to share with the rest of us! Happy anniversary!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  18. Michelle says:

    Love the Peter Strauss story. The book sounds great.

  19. Kim S. says:

    Wow, Peter Strauss……………*sigh*

    And your book looks wonderful, I look forward to reading it soon!

    thewildtwo [@] sbcglobal [dot] net

  20. Robin D says:

    What a fun story! And your stories sound great!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. Shadow says:

    How exciting! Nothing like meeting your idol! Wonderful stories!

  22. Christi McMillen says:

    You are so LUCKY to have gotten to meet Peter. (The man is gorgeous!) Sadly, I doubt I get to meet Nathan Fillion but a girl can always dream, right? lol Congrats on your book and happy 5th to AMP~

  23. T.t. Miller says:

    Thank you so much for not only being a part of this blog hop, but for sharing your Peter Strauss story with us! :D

    I forgot how handsome he is!

  24. ed swist says:

    peter strauss made a tv film in 1982 that is my favorite movie.heart of steel….ihave been to the location ….mingo junction,ohio many times …………….mr strauss was nice enough to answer my note with a handwritten letter……………i do look forward to meeting him one day…………….

  25. tedloveslisa says:

    In that you are an accomplished romance novelist,
    I find myself asking:
    Is this ‘meeting Peter’ an actual event,
    or a blog-narrative fan-fiction?

    • gloria says:

      Thank you for responding to my Blog, and in answer to your question, yes, I did meet and interview Peter Strauss at his home in California. I did several interviews in LA that year and Peter Strauss was one of them though in his case he invited me to his home for the interview.
      If you’d like any more info you can email me at
      Thank you again for your interest.

  26. tedloveslisa says:

    STILL waiting for your response-are you even still here…………

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